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Friday, 23 September 2011


There are many people out here in Pakistan and all over the world who hate America, but the question is why .Why is everyone showing that much hatred for United States of America? Few days back my curiosity increased at its highest level to find the core reasons which make people hate this country so much. So I started my work by reading the point of view of different people living in different regions of the world and I discover some of the core reasons which are responsible to damage the image of United States in front of whole world.
American culture also known as Western culture (in these parts) is spreading across the sphere like a lethal plague. This Americanization is effecting our youth and forces them to think and act like undisciplined, lazy, self-obsessed and careless Americans. Most of the world media is controlled by American government (FOX, CNN and many more) so they can broadcast what they want. They actually trying to make our youth act like celebrity worshipers who are so obsessed about a personality that they try to look and act like them, despite of their values and culture forbidding them to do so. TWO words for our youth “STOP FOLLOWING” PLZZZ
Not only they are trying to export their trash culture through media and internet but they also want our youth to indulge in such kind of activity which make them redundant for society and almost useless and careless like an ordinary American teenager by broadcasting programs which promote the use of alcohol, adultery and slang language. One of the most famous shows was Jerry Springer (so called reality show) which highlighted issues alien to our society. Only deserve THREE words “WAT DA CRAP”.
War against terrorism is one of the famous propaganda which they are spreading through their media. Through this propaganda they are able to attack any country all over the world (especially Muslims countries) by suspecting them as a threat for world peace. There are only two real reasons behind the propaganda “war against terrorism” is to occupy the oil reserves of the world and support Jews. Even they have one of the biggest oil reserves in their country but United States alone is consuming more than forty percent of oil production of the world. That is why they are a little obsessed about occupying the oil reserves. You people must be thinking that if America is looking to occupy oil reserves then why it hit Afghanistan. There is also a reason behind it, according to U.S Geological department Afghanistan possess thirty six trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 3.6 billion barrels of petroleum reserves. Hope u got the point why Americans were very much obsessed about Osama bin laden and was looking for him in Afghanistan. THREE words for American government “STOP KILLING HUMANS”.
This is my humble request to U.S government please change your policy because it is the only way you can build a good image in front of whole world.  I know you are not going to do this on my request but think about your own people. There are 15000 people who got murder last year in United State just because government gives the freedom to every ordinary person to posses’ weapon( See the consequences of your own policy ).   
At the end of this blog I have THREE words for United States’ government “THEY ARE IDIOTS”     
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